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Wedding Classical Music Samples

Recommended piece, Ode to Joy (Beethoven)

Things to consider...

When selecting classical music and entertainment for your wedding there are a few things to keep in mind. Firstly, try not to make your selections too melancholic, it is supposed to be a celebration after all. Try and stay away from anything which is minor in tonality. For example, a movement from a symphony which is described as "Adagio in A minor" might not be a good choice. Look out for uplifting and happy titles and of course, major keys! Chorale in G Major or something similar is a good sounding title.

Wedding Music and Classical Wedding Music Samples

Here are some suggestions of our favourite classical wedding music...

- Trumpet Voluntary by Clarke

- Air on a G String by Bach

- Ave Maria by Schubert

- Ode to Joy by Beethoven

Try to choose popular, well-known songs like those above. People like to hear familiar tunes and respond well when they can hum along. Try to stay away from anything to modern and fast. Stick with the old classics and you won`t go far wrong! Have a look at our list of popular songs below and see if you can start compiling your wedding playlist.

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