Wedding Music Samples - Choose your wedding songs.

Youtube Playlists for Weddings

The following YouTube playlists feature various songs that are suitable for various different parts of the wedding day. Just click play on any of the videos below to start the playlist from the beginning.

Wedding Prelude Music Playlist

Recommended songs for before the ceremony takes place.

> View all of our wedding prelude music.

Wedding Processional Music Playlist

Music for the bride walking down the isle.

> View all of our wedding processional music.

Wedding Ceremony Hymns

Popular hymns for during your wedding ceremony.

> View all of our wedding ceremony hymns.

Wedding Interlude Music

Background music for during the ceremony.

> View all of our wedding interlude music.

Wedding Recessional Music

The songs that should be played for the bride's exit.

> View all of our wedding recessional music.

First Dance Songs

A selection of music that is ideal for the couple's first dance.

> View all of our first dance songs.

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